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NISHMAN Pliable Matte Inca Inchi M6

NISHMAN Pliable Matte Inca Inchi M6

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NISHMAN Hair Styling Pliable Matte Inca Inchi M6

Special Matte Look M Series, is easy to apply on hair with it’s paste form. It helps your hair to have healthy look with INCHA INCHI. It provides voluminous look while providing strong hold. Your hair looks in shape all day. It is suitable for all hair types.

HOW TO USE: Get a small amount of wax to palm of your hand. Distribute evenly on your palm and apply to dry or damp hair.


• Ideelt for tørt og fuktig hår

• Stylingeffekt: Matt

• Hold: 4/5

• Shine: 0/5

• Duft: 

• Innhold: 100 ml

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